Oculus Virtual Reality


Oculus Touch Motion Controller, Paar

compatible with Oculus Rift Natural gestures and movement Before you even pick up a pair of Touch controllers, you know how to use them. Intuitive actions in VR feel as natural as using your real hands.

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Oculus Go Virtual Reality Stand Alone Headset 64GB, 301-00105-01

Oculus Go is the easiest way to jump into virtual reality. For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset—with no additional devices required while in VR. Oculus Go is portable, comfortable, and easy to use. Just put it on, switc

2.349,00 Kn

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Oculus Rift S + Controller

Item number VROR070 Brand: Oculus EAN: 815820020387 MPN: 301-00178-01 Warranty: 12 Integrated sound: Yes Refresh rate: 72 Type: VR Device Field of view: 120 Resolution: 2560x1440

4.099,00 Kn

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